Life Coaching with Annie – Saturday 12.30pm

life coaching at Vital Detox RetreatsThis workshop explores all the opportunities for new experiences and possibilities. It’s designed to inspire and motivate you to discover different perspectives on your life and commit to the changes you know you would like to make. With the best will in the world we don’t always give ourselves permission to be all of who we can be. For many reasons which can be difficult to understand, we often hold ourselves back and can get stuck in self-defeating patterns. In this workshop we look at how to create a deeper sense of well-being and become physically, mentally and emotionally healthier, more energised and authentic. When you start to make this shift you become wide open to living the best version of yourself and living in the vision of how to create that.

emotional detox at vital detoxEmotional wellbeing with Barbara – Sunday 12.30pm

In this workshop you’ll discover:

The biggest obstacles to your happiness and wellbeing
Why you need to know the difference between your thoughts and your feelings
What you need to do to change your behaviour and make new habits stick
The best techniques for managing your monkey mind and
How to fully resolve issues from your past


Nutritional Talks with Fiona – Mon-Thurs 12.30pm

Hydrotherapy, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine,Four presentations focusing on Health and Wellbeing and how to support your Self going forward.

Looking at what creates and destroys our health and how to incorporate the former and avoid the latter.

Exploring rhythm and its importance in our daily lives and how the way we live each day is relevant to our health.

Examining toxicity, what it means, why its important and what to consider in order to avoid its impact on your body.

Considering not only what we eat, but also how, when and why we eat and the relevance of this in our relationship with food.

Once the raw food feast is within our sights we will look at what to eat and drink to create health and what to avoid if we value our health.  We usually sample some drinks as the relationship between what we drink and what we then choose to eat is very relevant.

These presentations are very practical and interactive. It’s useful for participants to share their own experience so we can all benefit and learn from each other.  These talks, like all the workshops are group led. The main focus of the talks is the same but particular interests or questions allow us to explore some areas in greater detail.  

Healthy Relationships and Addictions with Fran – Mon and Wed 3.15pm

addiction and relationship therapist at Vital Detox retreatsEach retreat Fran runs two closed meetings in a private cottage for those clients who want to discuss addiction. This can be because of their own addictions (sugar being the most common) or a loved one’s addictions that are affecting them now, or have done in the past.

These sessions are on a demand only basis and introduce the 12 step model of recovery as a resource available to people when they leave the retreat. We are not in any way affiliated with 12 step fellowships but Fran has many years experience with Alcoholics Anonymous, Alanon and Co-dependants Anonymous so uses her own recovery story as a valuable resource to help people who are just beginning the road to recovery.

We get hugely positive feedback about these workshops. The information Fran shares, and her own personal story, is inspiring and uplifting and can really help people make sense of their own addictive and compulsive behaviours in a compassionate and constructive way.

Whatever way addiction has touched your life there is help and support available here which is often the thread that pulls all the other aspects of the retreat together and makes lasting change possible.


Feel It To Heal It workshop with Annie, Fran and Barbara – Sunday 7pm

Annie, Fran and Barbara create a safe space to feel, and talk about, loss and grief as well as any other feelings. This workshop is a chance to explore the complexities of feelings associated with grief and loss, fear and disappointment as well as resentment and hurt and to explore, within the group, issues we normally hide from public view.