Why you should come

Why Detox? Because when you stop eating your body has a chance to put all its available energy into cleansing, energy that is usually spent digesting and assimilating food. As soon as you start your fast your body will take the opportunity to clean out toxins that have accumulated in the cells and organs of your body.

Toxins are stored in the body, not just from food and drink, but also as a result of taking prescription and recreational drugs, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. Also, the use of cleaning products and cosmetics, exposure to environmental pollutants and suppressed emotions can contribute to ill health.

Prolonged stress can leave the body adrenally exhausted which, in turn, affects the whole hormonal balance of the body.

This toxic build up is gradual, accumulative and can make us ill and deplete our energy, leaving us looking and feeling unhealthy.

The Health Benefits of Detox Retreats

By giving your body the opportunity to release a lifetime of toxic waste you may feel lighter, brighter, clearer – rather like the way you did when you were a teenager – but without the angst and acne! Detoxing gives each cell a chance to cleanse itself so it has an opportunity to regenerate healthily.

As some of those cells are skin cells you’re also going to look fantastic. You will obviously also lose weight during the week but more than that you will have enhanced your quality of life and lessoned the chances of developing ill health in the future.

All in all – you will have given yourself an incredibly loving gift – health, beauty and joyfulness all in one go!*

Some kind words...

“The week long detox retreat has been a life changing experience on so many levels. I feel I can leave here with the confidence and knowledge to continue cleansing at home. I will be recommending Vital Detox to everybody. Thank you x”*

“This was the best thing I’ve ever done!”*

“Everyone should detox at least once in their life just to find out what they didn’t know about the relationship they have made with this body they are walking around in. What an adventure!”*

“After 14 years of fibromyalgia: on a good day my joints ached and I was stiff but functional; on a bad day I just had to rest – always a background of chronic pain and fatigue. For the first time in all those years I AM PAIN FREE – completely and consistently! I had no idea the toxicity my body was trying to cope with nor the cost to my life. Words cannot convey my gratitude to you all and to life for delivering me to you. Thank you from every bone in my body – much love x”*

“The Journey with Anna was the highlight for me. She comes from a living place and has an honesty and a clear aura. She’s a wonderful advert for healthy living/raw food. The feast was the icing on the cake ……… I feel my life has been changed. What a great team!”*