Why choose us?

These are some of the things that we provide that you might not find on other detox retreats.

There are lots of different factors to take into consideration when you are deciding which detox retreat is going to give you exactly what you need. I hope the following will help you decide. However, if you have any questions or are unsure about anything, please give Fran a call on 07813063082. We look forward to hearing from you.


Fiona is a fully qualified colonic hydrotherapist. She is incredibly experienced and has worked in Detox for many years. She will take you through the colonic set up to make sure that you find them easy to use and as effective as possible. She is always available to give advice, adjust your supplements and answer any questions.


Fiona also gives gives a health talk everyday which doesn’t just focus on food and nutrition but concentrates on leading a healthful life on all levels. These talks are really informative, inspiring and give you the tools to take the incredible feeling of health you gain on your week back with you into your everyday lives.


Our programme is designed to support you on all levels, not just physically. We provide a one to one with three of our therapists to make sure you get personal and individual support, physically, emotionally and cognitively – if you need it. We include these sessions in the price so that everyone has access to the help they need.


To make your journey to us as easy as possible we provide station transfers as part of your retreat package.


We guarantee relaxation with results. We are big fans of total rest and relaxation. Many people find it hard to stop and listen to what their bodies need. We encourage gentle exercise such as swimming, rebounding, walking and yoga during the week because we understand how important it is not to overdo exercise when you’re fasting. If you push the body too hard it can divert vital energy away from the detox process and put a strain on your body. The morning meditation and body awareness sessions are designed to ‘get you out of your head’ and back into your body. Most of us spend so much time thinking that we override, or simply don’t listen to, what our bodies need. A main focus of our retreats is to help you reconnect with yourself and re-learn what you, personally, really need to keep energised, healthy and happy.


Our colema equipment is the very best on the market. The boards are made from one piece of solid plastic so they are very easy to clean and use. They are much wider than most making them very stable and comfortable to lie on. The results are amazing and they are simple and safe to use.


Our venue is set in idyllic countryside steeped in history and magic. We have amazing views and lovely, homely accommodation so that you can enjoy your retreat in comfort.


We provide Glastonbury spring water which comes from the local natural spring. This means that all your drinking water is of the highest quality without any added chemicals. We also have an Ultrastream filtration system that delivers high quality pure, alkalised and ionised water – it tastes amazing!


We only use fresh organic produce in our juices and delicious raw meals. We use a local supplier and avoid buying from supermarkets. This ensures the fruit and vegetables we use are of the best possible quality.


We use a special juicer that produces a cold pressed juice to ensure that all the juices are rich in enzymes and of the highest nutritional value.


We supply all our supplements in high quality, veggie capsules. If you have taken psyllium in powder form you will know what a blessing the capsules are!


We have our own range of organic, chemical free toiletries and face creams which are gorgeous and affordable. They are made with the finest essential oils so that you can nourish your skin and smell gorgeous, naturally!


We are always the same friendly, expert team. This means that we are all highly experienced at working together to give you the best support possible. We also stay at the retreat for the whole week so we are always on hand if you need anything.


Andrew is qualified in a whole range of amazing therapies which are designed to aid and enhance your detox. These include acupuncture, reflexology, indian head massage, thai massage and a deeply relaxing full body massage. He is an incredibly talented masseur as well as being light hearted and supportive. His treatments work in conjunction with the other therapies to help you get the best results from your week with us.


We show you how easy it is to prepare quick, healthy raw meals as well as lots of extra information during our social times together.


We provide a library of great books and films that are uplifting, informative and thought provoking.


No hidden extras – we promise. We also give you lots of extras free of charge to enhance your cleanse such as a skin brush, epsom salts for cleansing baths, specially formulated teas on tap, oil for oral cleansing and lots more. We promise that everything you need is included in the price.


We have included many informative and fun evening activities to enhance your stay with us. These include a creative writing workshop, inspiration films, dancing, a wonderful sing along on the last night and much more.


Enormous amounts of TLC are also included! As a Team we are deeply committed to giving you the most healing week possible. We also provide aftercare so that, if you need anything after you leave, we are available to continue helping you maintain your optimum level of health.


In addition to the Health and Nutrition workshops we also provide workshops in: Life Coaching, Creative Writing, Emotional Intelligence, a Q&A session and an introduction to the 12 step programme for anyone who would like to know more about addiction.


The whole reason we do this work is to make sure that each and every client gets as much as they possibly can from their stay with us. We will provide whatever each individual needs to enable them to reach their goals. Quite simply, we are not financially driven and that, according to our clients, makes a huge difference to their experience. We include many, many extras which all contribute to you being able to have the most restful, enjoyable, cleansing and totally transforming week possible – it’s what we love to do x