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We are a friendly, supportive team of experienced therapists who are dedicated to enabling you to have the most beneficial detox week possible. We are not here to make you feel wrong about your lifestyle choices; we simply want to give you an opportunity to rest, restore, cleanse and take as much, or as little, inspiration away with you as you want. We will provide information on how your body works, what nutrients it needs and how to get those nutrients. We will also give you the emotional and physical support that you need to get the most out of your detox holiday, and the tools you need to continue living healthily when you leave.

You decide how much you want to participate – just rest and relax or join in with all the activities – it’s completely up to you.

Mission Statement

The aim of our Vital Detox Retreat Team is to provide a place where people can take time out and take a step back to re-evaluate what is important to them. We promise to give people all the support they need as they go through the detoxification process – both physical and emotional – and to celebrate with them when they realise the changes that they have made to their health. We will always have the client’s best interest at heart and will do everything we can to provide information and support in whatever way it is needed.

Anna Tolson

Anna Tolson, Founder of Vital Detox

Being a human being can be a very painful business, I know that I found the whole thing very difficult at various times of my life. As a result I tried virtually every seminar, workshop and therapy in an attempt to find peace and fulfillment. I was 38 when I found The Journey (my dear old mum sent me the book) and everything changed. It was so gently powerful and the results so profound that I immediately trained to be a facilitator.

I set up Vital Detox because I saw how healing fasting was and I wanted to offer The Journey process on the retreat because it has so utterly transformed my own life. This process is the perfect adjunct to the retreat as each session is complete in, and of, itself and needs no follow-up. Combined with fasting it is very often life changing. We offer these sessions at no extra charge because we know how invaluable they are to the detox process.

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Fiona Milligan

Hydrotherapy, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine,

I found the world of natural healing and detox as a result of my own health challenges fifteen years ago. I grew up in a medical family and when I became unwell with chronic fatigue I expected the medical profession to make we well. When this proved impossible I set off to find out how the human body works and why mine didn’t! It was a revelation, I discovered that…

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Barbara J. Hunt

emotional detox at vital detox

I have been a passionate and dedicated student of personal and spiritual development for more than 25 years and it continues to be the heart of my life and my work as a coach and as a musician. Due to some challenging experiences with my mother’s ill-health whilst I was still a teenager, I became fascinated not only by how to support physical health, but also wanted to learn…

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Annie Lionnet

life coaching at Vital Detox Retreats

I discovered the power of Life Coaching many years ago when I had reached an impasse in my life. I met with a Coach for a few sessions and in the process I completely transformed my way of thinking and being in the world. I felt empowered, on purpose and on fire and filled with a sense of who I was and what I could achieve. I was excited about…

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Fran Creffield

addiction and relationship therapist at Vital Detox retreats

I am Fran Creffield, the relationship and addiction specialist in the team. I also run the creative writing group and am around at every juice for chats, hugs and general info – I was a client back in 2014 so I know what the process is like and will support you in whatever way I can.

I trained as a couple’s counsellor with Relate over 15 years ago from a background of counselling and education. I am fascinated with how we form connections with significant others …..

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Andrew Mukhopadhyay

massage at Vital Detox

I have been training and working within the health / healing field for 20 years and can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in a considerable range of treatments. Although I come from an orthodox medical family, I learnt from a young age that my childhood illnesses were healed, not by drugs, but by lifestyle and diet. On leaving school I worked in the leisure industry, teaching water sports for seven years. My interest…

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Rachel Carr-Hill

journey massage at Vital Detox

Rachel Carr-Hill My own journey of healing and embodiment started with studying yoga at the age of 18, and a few years later, training to be a yoga teacher at the Sivananda Ashram in Southern India. Subsequently I trained in massage at the London School of Aromatherapy in London. The more embodied I became, the more interested I became in the link between the body, and memories and emotions….

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Angeliki Yannaghas

organic detox juices

Angeliki is the most recent member of the gang. She has a wide range of skills and experience but, most importantly, she fits beautifully and seamlessly into the existing team. She provides support for us so we have more time and energy to support our clients and, as such, is invaluable! She helps with making juices, soups, team food and spends time being generally angelic!  We love having her around x

“I felt totally at ease to ask questions at any time. Nothing seemed to be too much bother. Really, really attentive.”

“The team were always there to give extra personal attention. I felt totally supported.”

“There was always someone to help, just when I needed it most.”

“I felt utterly supported – everyone of you in every interaction – supportive, informative, non-judgemental, light but focused.”

“I felt that you all had our well being in mind and nothing was too much trouble.”

“You are the best detox team in the UK – fun, nurturing, caring, attentive, accessible and open.”

“The nutritional talks were absolutely brilliant – so much information – clear, uncomplicated and delivered with energy.”

“Wow, Anna, truly amazing – No 1!  Thank you so much for giving me my life back!”

The Journey will change my life – in fact I know it already has.”

“I feel on top of the World – thank you x x!”

“If I lived with Annie I don’t think I’d ever be unhappy again!!!”

“The luxury facial was the most delicious experience – not like anything I have had before.”

“Andrew is one of the best therapists I have ever come across!”

“There isn’t anything that Fiona doesn’t know about food and herbs. I was really grateful for her personal support this week too.”

“Andrew’s massages are pure bliss! He is highly skilled and made everyone feel really comfortable.”

“Thank you Barbara – your wisdom and skill has changed my life.”

“Fran’s workshop gave me a key that I’ve been looking for all my life – everything has become clear to me.”