What We Include In Our Detox Retreat Programme

Everything you need for a complete cleanse, on all levels, is included in the price of your accommodation. The only thing on the programme that is extra is the massage.

Guests at the end of their detox week
We love our clients!

When you book your place on one of our retreats we will send you a questionnaire about your health and lifestyle. We will assess from that what, if any, pre-retreat supplements are needed to help prepare for your retreat and to start the detoxification process. We will take into account your medical history and your specific and personal requirements to ensure that you get the most from your week with us.

On the first day we will go through your questionnaire with you in a one to one interview to help identify goals, medical issues and any emotional issues that you’d like to work through during the retreat.

Juices and Broth

During the detox retreat week we provide three fresh, organic juices and two hot broths every day. Our juices are made fresh and served every three hours with a range of cleansing supplements. These supplements are designed to gently cleanse the bowel and collect old toxic matter so that it can be washed away, literally.

Everyone is different so we will provide different juices according to each person’s individual needs. The broths are warming and nourishing and designed not to interrupt the detox process in any way. The 3pm soup is a wonderful green soup made from greens that we pick that day – it is delicious and very a very effective organ cleanser.

We provide as much filtered, alkalised, ionised and wonderful tasting water (or Glastonbury Spring Water if you prefer) as you can drink as well as constant supply of Fiona’s special Detox Tea and a whole range of healing Pukka Teas to enhance your cleanse. We also include extras in your cottage such as an Information Pack, a free body brush, oil for oil pulling, lemons to cleanse the liver first thing and lots more teas!!

Fresh organic veg for Vital juices

Colonics, Meditation and Health Talks

Fiona Milligan nutritional therapist and colonic hydrotherapist at Vital Detox Retreats

Each cottage is set up with a gravity colonic board (also known as Colemas) or (and sometimes as well as) a Clysmatic system. We use the Clysmatics for the smaller en-suite bathrooms and for clients who have mobility issues. Both are available to all clients. We recommend one a day but, if you feel the need, you can always have more.

We are lucky enough to have Fiona on our team, an experienced Colonic Hydrotherapist and Detox Consultant. She will show everyone individually how to use the equipment and will be on hand at every juice to answer questions and adjust supplements throughout the week. Fiona is here to ensure you get the best possible detox and to look after your physical health and wellbeing.

Fiona will also be leading meditation in the mornings to enable you (should you so wish) to reconnect with an inner sense of peace and stillness that our busy lives can sometimes mask. In her daily nutritional discussions she will be for sharing her knowledge to help you discover which foods will give you optimum health and energy. These nutritional and health talks will also help you form a nutritional plan to take away with you, specifically tailored to your lifestyle, so that you can make positive changes to your diet and easily stick to them!

Emotional Detox

We also recognise that detoxing is not just a physical thing – what we think and feel has been proven to actually affect our cellular structure. Prolonged negative thoughts and feelings can contribute to ill health so we also offer you the opportunity to detox emotionally. This is a chance to resolve old emotional issues that may be holding you back in your life. We consider it to be such an integral part of the detox that we include a session (only if you feel you need one) with either Anna, a fully qualified and experienced Homeopath and Journey Therapist, or Barbara, who also trained with Brandon Bays and is a skilled and versatile therapist. These sessions really can change your life!

Anna Tolson director of Vital Detox Retreat Holidays

Emotional Detox and Emotional Intelligence

The Journey, Emotional Freedom Technique and havening technique are all part of Vital Detox Retreat

Barbara is hugely experienced in all things cognitive and emotional. She has a very deep spiritual practice as well as having worked as a trainer in many transformational organisations. As well as running the Emotional Intelligence workshop, Barbara is available for incredibly deep acting one to one sessions. Luckily for us, Barbara is also a talented musician and we often have an open mic night/cabaret at the end of the retreat which is great fun and gives you a chance to hear her amazing singing and songwriting talent and share yours!!!. It’s always a great night and a brilliant way to end the retreat.

Coaching and Astrology

We also realise that when the detox retreat week is over and you are back at home it can sometimes to be difficult to implement and easily integrate everything that you have discovered into your everyday life. Annie uses her Coaching and Astrology experience to look more deeply at what holds you back from being the best you can be and to develop a manageable action plan to help you implement the changes you want to see in your life. She leads a workshop with the whole group and on a one-to-one basis, again, included as part of the retreat. Annie is insightful and inspiring and her sessions are a wonderful addition to the overall benefits of your week with us.

Annie at Vital Detox Retreats

Relationship Detox

Fran Creffield at Vital Detox Retreat Holidays

Our relationships with other people, particularly intimate relationships, can be a source of great happiness in our lives but they can are also bring up considerable pain and discomfort. We are, therefore, delighted to have Fran on our team as she is a skilled relationship counsellor with many years experience working for Relate and E Harmony with couples and individuals – she can help transform all aspects of relationships. She is also able to help with addiction and parenting issues. She will also be leading two meetings to introduce the 12 step programme which can be very useful for people who have issues with anything ranging from sugar addiction to alcohol. Sessions with Fran can be taken instead of the Journey or Coaching or can be booked as an extra session.

We also have a Detox Your Relationship package that includes everything we offer as part of the retreat as well as a session together with Fran and a combined astrological chart analysis and Coaching session with Annie. This is an amazing chance to improve your physical health, happiness and a primary relationship all in one week. This relationship could be with a family member or friend as well as a romantic partner.


We include ten different workshops during the detox week. These are:

  • Coaching with Annie
  • Emotional Intelligence with Barbara
  • Creative Writing with Fran
  • An introduction to AA and Freedom from Addiction with Fran
  • Codependancy with Fran (for people who are having problems in their relationships with others)
  • Grief and Loss with Annie, Fran and Barbara – a chance to give space to feel and open up to grief so its no longer a taboo
  • A Q&A session with Anna
  • Four Health and Wellbeing Talks with Fiona

As well as these there are numerous opportunities to sit and chat, ask questions, source information, express concerns and generally pick our brains!! We are always available, you just have to ask.

Vital Detox Daily Timetable - the bare bones!!

Wake - upSkin Brushing, lemon juice and herb teas.
8.50Massage Train
9.30Personal Time
12.15 - 1.30Workshop
2.00Walk or Personal Time
6.30 - 8.00Inspirational Film/Workshop
8.00Broth and Social Time

Massage and Body Work

Another wonderfully restorative aspect of the retreat is the incredible range of massage and body work we offer. Andrew is our Head Therapist who can offer Indian Head, Abdominal Massage, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Hopi Ear Candles and Full Body Massage. Most of our guests say that he gives the best treatments they’ve ever had! He is also invaluable because he organises all the other therapists and does all the timetabling for the week – not a mean feat! When you book we will send you an Info Pack which has more information about the treatments on offer. We also include Andrew’s email address so you can send him an idea of which treatments you would like during your detox week. This isn’t written in stone and Andrew will be available to discuss your treatments on the first evening of your retreat.

We also have Rachel on the team who provides unusually deep Journey Massages. Her sessions give you a chance to release cellular memory by using massage as a way to find the feelings that are being held in your body.

Swedish Massage and a wonderful Ayurvedic Facial Treatment are also available and highly recommended.

All of the treatments are given on the wonderfully healing Infared Bio Mat which sends heat deep into the body through layers of therapeutic crystals. For more information on treatments click on Andrew’s link above.

Andrew at Vital Detox Retreats


We are lucky to have Corrina on our team who will be providing a relaxing and therapeutic yoga class everyday. She will draw on her considerable experience to enhance your week with gentle, yet powerful, yoga poses and breathing exercises. Her classes are specifically designed to work on the abdomen and to aid the detox process. She is a wonderful teacher who enables everyone to go at their own pace.

We also have a library of educational, inspirational and entertaining books and films that you can borrow or watch in our ‘cinema’ in the evenings.

aquatherapy at vital detox
Relax in the pool, hot tub and steam room.

We have a pool, a steam room and a hot tub to relax in as well as beautiful daily walks and the incredible climb that is Glastonbury Tor. There are beautiful gardens, orchards and fields to stroll or sit in and incredible views across to Wells Cathedral and The Mendip Hills. We also have goats, horses, dogs and chickens on site who are very friendly and love a cuddle.

Above all, you will receive all the support, information, advice and one to one attention that you need to have a truly life changing week.

Relax at Vital Detox

Raw Food Feast

At the end of the week Anna will prepare a feast of raw foods for you to break your fast as well as show you how to prepare some of the dishes. You will experience how simple and delicious healthy food can be. We don’t advocate one particular way of eating, because we all have different needs, but raw food is the best way to break a fast and re-populate your bowel with essential, beneficial enzymes. We will also give you a supply of top quality probiotics to take away with you to ensure that your bowel is protected when you start to eat again. You won’t go home empty handed either as we will send you on your way with enough food and presents to get you home and resist the perils of the service stations! There will also be an opportunity for you to stock up on a wide range of healthy, organic foods from our local specialist shop.

If you want more information and inspiration, either before or after your detox week, or even if you never come on one of our retreats, please use the below resources …….

You can find masses of interesting articles, recipes and health tips on our Vital Detox Retreats Facebook page here – http://bit.ly/2d0sQO1

We also have a Youtube channel which features videos of me, Anna, making simple healthy food – here

We also have a huge amount of information and beautiful images on Pinterest and Instagram – all under Vital Detox Retreats.

This program has been designed to make sure you get the deepest cleanse possible, on all levels, whilst making sure you are as happy and comfortable as possible during your stay with us. Nothing beats the way you’ll feel at the end of the week – we promise!