What Food is Right For You?

I feel sad that something as wonderful and essential as food has become so fraught with difficulty for so many of us. I’ve spent years (probably 30 if I’m honest) thinking about how healthy my food is. I’ve fasted, I’ve juiced, I’ve been vegan, macrobiotic, vegetarian and enjoyed the see-food diet! Over the years I have found what feels good and suits the way I want to live my life and, as long as the majority of what I eat is healthy, I’m happy with that.

Good Food!

I am very lucky that most of the food I eat comes from my garden. We grow enough to be able to store it over the winter so that we have gorgeous, organic food all year round. If you’re not lucky enough to have the room or time to be able to do this then I really recommend finding a local box scheme to provide you with fresh vegetables and many do organic meat and dairy produce as well. It also encourages you to experiment with new dishes and many schemes include recipes with their deliveries.

What’s good for you? Some people can live on bacon sandwiches and donuts all their lives and don’t appear to suffer and some people can’t eat a piece of bread or have a glass of milk without feeling ill! This is partly down to the strength of our inherited constitution and partly because, as our bodies get more unhealthy, they are unable to tell us that they are suffering. For this reason an exclusion diet is a good way to find out what foods are good for you individually. If our body is so busy sorting out the latest meal that it doesn’t have the energy to complain you could be eating something that may cause illness in the future! By fasting – you give the body a chance to detox, clear the decks and throw out years of unhealthy build up. Then, when you’re all clean, you can introduce one food at a time. Your body will let you know if it can metabolise that food easily or whether it would be better without it.

Eat like an Animal! We are so used to the over processed, artificial food that we’re sold – some of which we’re even told is good for us, that we forget that basically we’re animals. We dress our bodies, spray them with stuff and try to disguise it but, biologically, we are the same as any other mammal. As a rule, therefore, the best way to eat is just as an animal would – choose food as it is when it comes out of the ground. Its cheaper, healthier, and tastes great. When we eat foods that are full of sugar, salt and synthetic additives we become addicted and, for a while, food without it tastes bland. If you eat simple, fresh, organic food for a while your body looses its addiction for highly salted or sugary foods and starts to prefer healthy foods. It just as quick to make a delicious healthy meal as it is to heat up an instant meal – much cheaper too.

Basic rule (with exceptions of course) – brown and green foods are good – white and yellow foods not so nutritious and can be hard to digest.

At Vital Detox we give you the chance – not only to have an exclusion diet so that you know what foods don’t benefit you and drag you down, but also to learn about what foods you, specifically, need to keep you healthy, energised and looking great. Also – when you’ve only taken in fresh, organic juices with a delicious raw meal to finish – you will remember what its like to feel absolutely wonderful. When you’re full of energy, mentally alert, emotionally positive and enthusiastic about life you simply won’t want to go back to eating only dead, nutritionally empty food again. Why would you?

Whatever you eat – ENJOY IT! The most important thing is …… if you’re going to eat something ‘unhealthy’ then really relish it. Be completely focussed on how it tastes in your mouth and  savour every morsel. If you eat something really ‘naughty’ and then feel guilty, or give yourself a hard time about it, you’ve done yourself a double disservice. Being happy and loving yourself is much more health giving than eating bean sprouts and being miserable. Obviously being happy and eating bean sprouts is the ideal scenario but, if you’re going to eat a chocolate browny, then give yourself time to really enjoy and it and be happy!