The Journey

The Journey is now recognised internationally as one of the most powerful emotional and physical healing processes available. It can help anyone who is experiencing an emotional, mental or physical crisis. It can help anyone who knows there is something they need to change or is looking for a way to a brighter future.

It was created by Brandon Bays who is a world-renowned personal growth and complimentary health specialist with over 30 years of experience. She has worked alongside such greats as Deepak Chopra, and Anthony Robbins. Such people are leading the world in showing that, through solving emotional issues, physical health problems can also be resolved. Dr Deepak Chopra teaches that trauma and suppressed negative emotions are often stored as phantom memories in our cells. He argues that these cellular memories act subtly over long periods of time, and can cause disease and illness many years after they have first been put in place.

It was following this thinking that led to Brandon’s recovery from a large tumour without drugs or surgery. Through resolving a childhood trauma she healed herself in just six and a half weeks.

Her inspirational story and more examples of how it has helped others are in her book called: ‘The Journey’ or on her website

The Journey guides us directly to the root cause of any longstanding difficulty and then gives us the tools to finally and completely resolve it.

Using guided visualisation this gentle, but dynamic technique, finds, resolves and releases traumas that are locked in the body on a cellular level. This then allows the body to heal itself. It is incredibly simple yet deeply profound.

I highly recommend this work to everyone – we are all searching for happiness and freedom from pain and this is the most efficient way of reaching that goal I have ever experienced.