Your Vital Detox Retreats Team

Ruth King

I discovered yoga 17 years ago, when I was going through a very challenging time in my life. I had one-to-one tuition with a teacher for a week whilst travelling. This lead to me to train with The Prana Yoga college in Thaliand and years later with Still Flowing in Ibiza. I went on to run my own well-being practice in Ibiza for 10 years and now for 2 years in Somerset.

Yoga for me has been the most empowering self-development tool I have come across. It enables me to heal, de-stress and balance my body, and mind. It is to me, in essence, self-love.It’s hugely important to me that it’s easily accessible to everyone. It is such a powerful tool for transformation and grounding. In today’s lifestyle of high stimulation, external performance and consequent stress yoga helps develop a practice of inwards observation and actually reset the central nervous system restoring well needed balance to our lives.  For me yoga is less about flexibility and is primarily a meditation practice. Its a journey of self-discovery from the heart, bypassing the judgmental mind. When we enter this space of observation, acceptance and surrender the body responds, at the same time we are cultivating a courageous maturity with our emotions, entering a space of non-reaction. I believe yoga is for everyone regardless of age or mobility. When we have a regular practice of getting out of our  minds and loving our bodies our body loves us back.