Detox Your Relationships with Relationship Counselling

Detox your relationships while on retreat

Coming on retreat can be an incredible opportunity, not only to detox your body and mind but also to clear out past hurts and issues that could be preventing you from forming and enjoying the relationships you want – with intimate partners, family, friends and colleagues and most especially with yourself. We come to know ourselves by being in relationship with others. Intimacy can also stand for Into-Me-I-See.

Couples can come on retreat together and detox their relationship through individual and shared sessions but you don’t have to be part of a couple to benefit from a session focussing on relationships.

Yet sometimes the us we become in relationships is not who we want to be, we act in uncharacteristic ways and can become embroiled in hurtful arguments and painful stand-offs unable to let go of past pain and come back to that wonderful feeling of love.

Relationship Counselling: This is where a session of relationship therapy can help. It can enable people to see where they are stuck in existing relationships; discover why they keep finding themselves drawn into the same kind of dysfunctional relationships; reveal possible causes of relationship avoidance in single people and establish whether your style of relating is healthy and what changes you need to make if it isn’t.

A healthy relationship isn’t necessarily one that always looks happy and carefree from the outside. Couples, who are openly affectionate, never argue and seem to have the Disney fantasy can often be masking internal disconnection, or a quiet unspoken desperation to be free, or at least alone, but fear of being single keeps them stuck.

Healthy relationships are the ones where honesty prevails. They might not always look happy or carefree from the outside and may not fit the idea of what a good relationship should feel like but there is a willingness on both sides to be open and honest and a commitment to work through whatever comes up. This isn’t always easy. There may be ruptures, misunderstandings, even intense feelings of doubt and disconnection but in a healthy relationship there is a willingness to face it all head on, to take personal responsibility for your feelings and not just blame the other person; turn away or cling to the past.

Sometimes this is too much to do alone as you may keep getting swept up in dysfunctional styles of relating or pulled back into past hurts. This is where a skilled therapist can help. Fran can help couples sit together in the midst of old arguments, mutual shattered dreams and expectations and guide them back to a place of reconnection. Relationship Counselling can help – contact us today.

What we include as part of the Detox Your Relationship retreat:

  1. A Relationship session with Fran with your partner/friend/relation or on your own to find and start to resolve the key problems in the relationship.
  2. A Coaching session with Annie, who has written books on relationships, and for a chance to explore in depth how your birth charts may be influencing your relationships.
  3. An individual Journey session for each of you to clear any issues from your past that might be influencing the way you respond in relationship.
  4. All of the other classes, workshops, amenities and support that we offer automatically as part of the retreat.

Doing this as part of the physical detox process is extremely powerful. Take away food, outside distractions, social and work commitments and you will see your relationship as it really is but in a safe and neutral environment.

Whether it’s a relationship with a spouse, partner, family member or friend the focussed attention can bring deep healing whether the other person is with you or not. With Relationship Counselling you will learn to relate differently to them and that will ultimately change the dynamic of the relationship.

“Relationships don’t cause pain and unhappiness; they bring out the pain and unhappiness that is already in you.” – Eckhart Tolle