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Rachel Carr-Hill

My own journey of healing and embodiment started with studying yoga at the age of 18, and a few years later, training to be a yoga teacher at the Sivananda Ashram in Southern India. Subsequently I trained in massage at the London School of Aromatherapy in London. The more embodied I became, the more interested I became in the link between the body, and memories and emotions.

In my 20s I came across the work of Brandon Bays, and studied Journey work with her. I then moved to San Francisco to train as a Somatic Educator at the MovingOn Centre in Oakland, California. I also came across the work of Janet Adler while I was living in the US, and studied Authentic Movement with her; and later, in Portland Oregon, studied Process Work with Arny Mindell.

This process of opening up to the wisdom of my body, lead to a time of intense spiritual experiences, including feelings of deep love and oneness, that propelled me to study Energy Healing with Barbara Brennan back in Europe.

A further step in my embodiment and grounding was the birth and mothering of my daughters, and this has allowed me to integrate all my studies and experience into a safe and held massage practice.

My greatest passion is to help facilitate people to find their freedom, through letting go of stuck emotions, old patterns and memories in their body that no longer serve, to come more fully into alignment with their natural aliveness and bliss. My massage touch is deeply relaxing and healing.

I live in Somerset with my husband and daughters, and when I’ve got some free time I love to dance 5 rhythms, play the guitar, and sing!

journey massage at Vital Detox

“Rachel combines wonderful massage with an opportunity to release feelings that have become stuck in the body – it’s a powerful mix!”

“I really loved my massage with Rachel – I really wasn’t expecting to go so deep but felt so much better afterwards.”

“What an intuitive therapist and such a warm, open person. She fits beautifully into the team. Thank you Rachel.”