Life Coaching UK and wellbeing programme

life coaching ukHave you ever thought that there may be more to life than you are currently experiencing? You may have a secret longing to leave your job and pursue a totally different career, get out of an unfulfilling relationship so that you are free to meet your perfect match or enjoy a deeper sense of well-being and become a healthier and more energised you.

Whatever is prompting your desire for change, something in you is ready for new experiences and possibilities. But with the best will in the world we don’t always give ourselves permission to be all of who we can be. Left to our own devices, we can get stuck in self-defeating patterns. In spite of our best intentions, we often find it challenging to make time for ourselves and commit to the changes that we know we would like to make.

Life Coaching UK supports, inspires and motivates you to move forwards, take decisive steps towards your goals and live a healthy, happy and meaningful life.

Depending on what you would like to focus on, we use various coaching techniques to help you let go of any negative patterns and shift your perception and your experience of what is possible. The way that you think and feel about yourself has a much bigger impact on your life than you might think. Coaching helps you to access the resources and confidence in yourself to make things happen. For some that may mean addressing areas that trigger a less than healthy relationship with food and drink. For others it may be related to your relationship with partners, friends, family and work.

Whatever you bring with you, your experience at Vital Detox is designed to replenish you and give you the ‘you time’ that you need to focus on yourself. When you prioritise your well-being and take care of the most important person in your life – you – everyone benefits because you have the energy available for all aspects of your life.

The Live Your Best Life workshop and individual sessions ensure that you leave Vital Detox Life Coaching UK with the tools that you need to fully integrate and apply your newly learned nutritional information and life skills and stay on track.

Best of all, one to one sessions with Annie Lionnet are included in the price of the retreat!