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Fran Creffield

I am Fran Creffield, the relationship and addiction specialist in the team. Addiction and difficult relationships often go hand in hand. I facilitate workshops in addiction, an introduction to 12 Step programmes and healthy relationships and codependency. You can also have a 1-1 session with me as part of your retreat.

I trained as a couple’s counsellor with Relate over 18 years ago from a background of counselling and education. I am fascinated with how we form connections with significant others and what it takes to keep a relationship healthy. I have worked with 100s of individuals and couples over the years. The comprehensive training Relate gave, and further study, has included many different psychological approaches which I adapt to suit the needs of clients.

I have always had a keen interest in writing and often use it as a tool to help me understand my own relationships and growth. In 2006 I did a Master’s degree in Creative Writing and Personal Development and shortly afterwards I was given the opportunity to marry my interests in relationships and writing by taking on the role of Relationship Expert for eHarmony the dating website. It was as a result of my high profile work with eHarmony that I was invited as a guest onto Woman’s Hour to discuss the impact of snooping on relationships. You can listen to the programme here (36 mins in)

I believe that healthy relationships are key in our overall sense of happiness and wellbeing. This doesn’t just mean intimate relationships with a partner or spouse; it can also include relationships with family members, friends or colleagues – how we relate affects how we feel on a fundamental level and having the time and space to focus on a particular relationship or issue often impacts positively on other relationships as we see our patterns and behaviours from a different perspective.

People who have difficulty in forming close connections, trusting others or being intimate can also benefit enormously from the work.

My work in addiction has been sponsored by my own journey. I have 15 years sobriety and a comprehensive knowledge of 12 step programmes. Many people who come on retreat are struggling with their own addictions – most commonly to sugar and/or alcohol – or they may be be experiencing difficulties with a loved one’s behaviour. 

I am delighted to be able to bring all of my knowledge and experience to Vital Detox, I feel like every job I had before prepared me for this one. It’s the ideal environment to do transformational therapeutic work because you are supported holistically away from the normal distractions of modern life. 


If you come as a couple you can have a session with me and also the opportunity to have your combined astrological charts analysed by Annie. You would be giving yourselves the opportunity to completely transform your emotional and physical health and happiness – together.

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addiction and relationship therapist at Vital Detox retreats

“A giant of a woman in a tiny body.”

“Fran really saw me clearly and shone a very matter of fact and reassuring light just when I needed it.”

“The whole week was illuminating and I gained so much from everyone on the team. However, Fran’s insightful wisdom is something I hold especially dear – thank you Fran.”

“The hour I spent talking to Fran has given me the biggest light bulb moment I’ve ever had. It’s as if she had the power to see right into me and pull out exactly what I needed – amazing!”

“Thank you Fran for being a constant ray of sunshine and source of joy – you made the juice room into a haven of love and laughter x x”

“I loved the Creative Writing workshop – I have never even thought of using writing as a tool before but under Fran’s expert guidance I found out so much about myself. I’m definitely going to keep it up.”