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Fiona Milligan


I found the world of natural healing and detox as a result of my own health challenges fifteen years ago. I grew up in a medical family and when I became unwell with chronic fatigue I expected the medical profession to make we well.

When this proved impossible I set off to find out how the human body works and why mine didn’t! It was a revelation, I discovered that no-one else could heal me it was up to me to heal my Self and bring my own body back into balance. I regained my health by changing my life style and following various physical detoxification programmes along with clearing destructive belief systems, mental constructs and emotional patterns.

I met many inspiring souls along the way and learnt a great deal about the state of human beings and what is necessary to create harmony in life. This journey inspired me to train as a Natural Health Practitioner. I graduated from the College of Herbs and Natural Healing in 1999 as a Master Herbalist, Iridologist and Colonic Therapist. This was a very interesting course as it was based on naturopathic principles and holistic healing and included nutrition, old fashioned nursing practices and an understanding of the importance of mental and emotional issues in healing. I later trained as a QX diagnostic practitioner and Esoteric Healer.

I am fascinated by the world of healing and am the forever student, currently taking a course with The Nutritional Healing Foundation and last year I completed an Esoteric Body Work course with Universal Medicine.

I have worked in clinics in London and Bath and on a number of Detox and Purification retreats. It is a great pleasure to be a member of the wonderful team at Vital as I know what great benefits come from a detox retreat. It is always wonderful to see the smiling faces and the enormous health benefits that result from such an amazing programme.

I currently work at Elixir in Bruton, Somerset. I call my self a Physician of Health, as I use a combination of diagnostics, therapy, herbs, supplements and hands on healing to assist clients to take responsibility for themselves and their choices.This creates a lifestyle that supports a health-full balanced life which in turn creates joy.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

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“Fiona has unbelievable energy and gives everyone in the group her amazing, informative and genuine support. I have made an appointment to see her after the retreat. Thank you Fiona.”

“Fiona’s talks were really informative. Most of all they were suited to everyone. I really appreciated the non-preachy and realistic position.”

“I knew that I was in expert and professional hands and that, at last, someone truly understood and could give me a solution to resolve my health issues. Fiona has an incredible gift and is calm, supportive and always available.”

“Fiona is a mine of information. Informal, un-patronizing and funny. I now have all the information I need to take home and use to maintain this incredible feeling of health I have now.”

“I’m sure I could eat Fiona and be nourished and informed with every mouthful! She is a feast of knowledge so freely offered without judgement but with conviction and assurance.”

“I learnt so much more than I thought possible. Very comprehensive and wide-ranging. Thought provoking like the Journey – turns your world on its head! I looked forward to the meditation and discussions with Fiona. I felt very nurtured around Fiona, she is intuitive and visionary. I learnt so much and I thank her.”

“Fiona is very knowledgeable and an inspirational communicator.”

“Fiona has so much knowledge and empathy. She has a real understanding of what people require to achieve optimum health.”