How do Toxins affect our Fertility?

fertility help ukAs our environment has become so much more toxic, infertility rates have skyrocketed too. It is easy to equate fertility to gardening – if you sow seed in polluted, toxic, barren soil your crops will struggle to grow. Soil needs to be fertile, rich in organic nutrients and well hydrated to germinate and propagate a healthy plant. Your body is the same – if you are dehydrated, toxic and exhausted it will be harder for a healthy foetus to develop. If you are a man then your seed might not be as strong and mobile as it needs to be.

Fertility Help UK

A third of couples are having trouble in conceiving. Infertility problems are twice as common now as previously thought. Billions are being spent on fertility treatments but only 47% of women go on to have a baby following expensive and emotionally draining treatment. It’s not hard to see why couples are seeking more natural infertility treatments.

Whether it is through our environment, our food, or the everyday household products we use, each of us is exposed to a variety of toxins on a daily basis – some of which can build up in our bodies over time, leading to health problems down the road. Of particular concern are toxins called endocrine disruptors. These ubiquitous synthetic compounds can be found in everything from cling film, to processed foods, tap water and body lotion. In fact, they can be found in many everyday items.

The problem with endocrine disruptors is that they mimic natural hormones produced by our bodies – including female reproductive hormones such as progesterone and oestrogen – thereby (as its name suggests) disrupting the natural cycles of the body.

How can a Detox Progamme Help at Fertility Help UK?

Our bodies have natural detoxification systems in place to cope with toxins, such as our blood, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, and skin. The problem is, there are so many new types of chemicals being introduced to our bodies each day that they can become overwhelmed and therefore unable to do their job. At Vital Detox we provide a specific programme that is designed to aid the body to cleanse itself and to shed the build up of toxins that are held in the cells.

Removing impurities also goes a long way toward helping your body absorb nutrients, and enhancing energy levels. Your immune system can get back to the business of providing you with immunity, rather than struggling under the weight of toxic build-up.

Ideally couples should start a detox program and make lifestyle changes a year before they plan to conceive but in practice people rarely plan this far in advance. A minimum of 6 months should be allowed to correct underlying health problems, correct deficiencies and reduce the toxic burden. 

As well as affecting your ability to conceive, toxic chemicals are passed to your baby during pregnancy and breast feeding.

By undertaking a full detox week and learning about how to reach your optimum health you will be giving your baby the best chance of having a strong constitution and vibrant health.

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