Delicious Raw Food Break-Fast Feast

Breaking a fast has never tasted so good!

Raw Food is swiftly becoming the new Rock and Roll! It is very fashionable and favored by the rich and famous as a way to stay looking, and feeling, young and beautiful. We are not promoting it specifically as a way of life because everyone is different and have different lifestyles, beliefs and physiological needs. However, it is a great way to break a fast and many people benefit from introducing it, in varying degrees, into their lives.

Raw foods contain large amounts of enzymes, vitamins and minerals which are destroyed, in the main, by cooking. The enzymes in raw, plant based foods are really important for breaking down our food so that we can fully utilise the vital nutrients. As we get older we need these natural enzymes to help us to digest our food so we need to eat more enzyme rich foods. Raw food also assists us in reaching a natural and healthy weight. Many people who are overweight are malnourished and yet, paradoxically, are always hungry because the food they eat is not providing the nutrients the body needs.

By eating food that is rich in nutrition the body is satisfied and completely nourished very quickly. Cravings disappear, energy increases and weight just falls off!

On the last day of the Retreat, I prepare a Feast, which includes lots of beautiful, fresh, organic foods that look lovely, taste gorgeous and are prepared with love. The best thing about the Feast is that it gives your body loads of essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals in an easily digestible form so that you can make the transition from fasting to eating, safely and easily.

We also provide a very high quality pro-biotic so that you are able to restore the essential benefical bacteria in the bowel to protect you and ensure that you take your newly found health back into your everyday life.

Food filled with nutrition and made with Love

We love what we do at Vital and my favourite part is preparing the Feast and watching the smiles and noises of appreciation as it is enjoyed. It is so easy to make delicious raw meals and treats. We also provide a recipe sheet for the meal so you can try it yourselves at home. I have also made some short videos which are on Youtube (Vital Detox Retreats, Recipe playlist) to show how to make some really simple healthy meals.

There is also a huge variety of raw food recipes on the internet as well as hundreds of videos giving the science and reasons why our bodies can benefit from a raw food diet.

Few people manage a completely raw diet and I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for living in our climate, however, increasing the amount of raw food you eat will certainly improve your health, immunity and vitality. We hope that giving you this introduction will inspire you to find out more.

With the emphasis on healthy living and eating, you are going to feel more alive, more healthy, more energetic, more YOU after coming to Vital Detox Retreats… and that’s the feeling we want you to keep for the rest of your life!