Your Vital Detox Retreats Team

Corrina Levi

Corrina is one of the massage therapists and is also our yoga teacher. Here’s what she says about her career, and experience so far.

Yoga has been a thread through my life since childhood. I always found solace and joy from being in my body through yoga and dance. In 1999 I returned to India to immerse myself in a deeper study and practice of yoga; I stayed 2 years, often living in yoga ashrams, qualifying as a yoga teacher in 2000. During this time I also studied massage and Ayurveda. Through yoga I have cultivated a better relationship with myself and others; transformed some persistent, negative patterns and unhealthy behaviours and feel grounded, balanced and well. Yoga has given me more than I could ever have imagined and is an essential part of my daily self-care. I am a registered senior yoga teacher and have taught in England, Europe and India. Yoga is suitable for EVERY-BODY. No level of fitness or flexibility is required. I teach yoga to suit the individual. I believe in the wisdom of the body. Our bodies store all our memories. So only through working with the body, listening to the body, can healing and transformation really happen. I am a massage therapist, dance movement psychotherapist, mindfulness and life coach as well as a life-long yoga student.

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