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Colon Cleansing UK: We all know how important it is to clean the outside of the body. However, few people realise that the same applies to the inside of the body. Autointoxication results from being poisoned by ones’ own wastes. Within a short time a colonic can eliminate large amounts of harmful trapped waste that may have taken many years to accumulate. Up until the 1920s; a colonic used to be standard medical procedure, and in certain cultures, like Russia and Israel, the colonic is still always the first therapy prescribed in hospital as they understand that a toxic congested body will not respond properly to treatment programmes.

A colonic tones, hydrates and rejuvenates the colon muscles which improves peristaltic action, reduces transit time of fecal matter, permits better water absorption and hydration of the colon and the body as a whole. A clean colon is able to absorb nutrition more effectively and prevent mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Colonic hydrotherapy is an important part of the detox retreat

Colon Cleansing UK

colon cleansing ukColonic hydrotherapy also help with emotional problems. The transverse colon passes through the solar plexus which is the body’s emotional centre. Most of our unresolved or ‘undigested’ emotional issues are stored here and as a result create a tightening of the colon muscle. This slows the bowel movement and causes constipation. The colonic can help clear the physical obstruction and release the tension that caused the emotional repression in the first place.

A detoxification program is the time when colonics are most beneficial, especially to those with a history of constipation. The colonics can remove any build up or obstruction in the bowel to allow a much healthier transit in the future. Another major benefit is how the colonics enhance the detox process itself. During the detox week the toxins that are released from the cells travel through the lymph to the blood, through the liver and then to the bowel. They are then washed out of the body by the colonics to ensure that they are eliminated and not re-absorbed.

At Vital Detox Retreats colon cleansing uk, we use up to date Clysmatic equipment to allow you to take a self-administered colonic at your convenience in the privacy of your own cottage. We also have a Colema Board set up in a separate bathroom for those of you who would prefer that method of colon cleansing. However, if you don’t want to take part in this aspect of the retreat that’s fine too. We have herbal supplements that we can use instead of the colonic to help clear the bowel.

After a colonic you will feel lighter, cleaner and clearer!