The many benefits of fasting explained …

Since early times mankind has been aware of the use of fasting and cleansing to promote health. It has also been the experience of naturopaths over time that cleansing the body offers the optimum environment for healing to occur.

However, in our ever-evolving high tech existence, we have tended to ignore the fundamental importance of cleansing and look for instant solutions to correct our imbalances. I do not believe in introducing “heroic” interventions. This programme is designed to offer the most effective results whilst empowering you with the knowledge to take healthy living into your everyday life.

Many clients suffer from lethargy, bloating (particularly after eating), poor sleep, regular headaches, fat around the middle, backaches and more. Modern living, poor food choices and high stress levels are often the cause of these symptoms. Many clients have consulted their Doctor and therefore know they are not ill but their symptoms persist.

The cleansing programme provides the body an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate by providing the environment that, physically emotionally and spiritually,  supports the detox process. The juice fast provides the vehicle with which to journey back to wellness

The health benefits of our program are:

  • It helps remove long-standing mucoid plaque from the digestive tract which allows for full nutritional take up in the gut and increases digestive efficiency.
  • It helps eliminate candida, parasite and fungal overgrowths from the body.
  • Re-hydration with clean, mineral rich water aides cell regeneration and overall organ health.
  • Skin brushing aids the recovery of the skin so that it is able to eliminate toxins effectively and aids lymphatic drainage.
  • We provide good quality probiotics to re-populate the intestines with good bacteria and increase overall health and immunity.
  • Fresh, organic juices provide essential nutrition along with the raw food meal to break your fast.
  • The massages and physical therapies help to move toxins out of the body and increase relaxation and the release of debilitating tension.
  • Nutritional workshops serve as a reminder of the benefits of healthy eating and to help you formulate a personal diet plan.
  • The Journey process enables the release of emotional toxins from the body – traumas that have been locked into the cells and are causing emotional distress can be resolved and released.
  • The coaching sessions enable you to have a clearer view of what is working or not working in your life and gives you the tools to change it.
  • The spa facilities increase pleasure, relaxation, cleansing and general wellbeing.
  • Yoga is a great way to stretch and release tension, to increase flexibility and to re-connect you with the many benefits of the breath.
  • Meditation is the best way to re-connect with who we really are – beyond the mind – and to contact a deeper more peaceful state of being.

This programme can help rid you of tiredness and return you to optimum health, to that elusive feeling of being “bright eyed and bushy-tailed” – to feeling fully alive!