Your Vital Detox Retreats Team

Barbara J. Hunt

I have been a passionate and dedicated student of personal and spiritual development for more than 25 years and it continues to be the heart of my life and my work as a coach and as a musician.

Due to some challenging experiences with my mother’s ill-health whilst I was still a teenager, I became fascinated not only by how to support physical health, but also wanted to learn how to become emotionally “whole” – to discover how to deal with the difficulties of life, and how to find meaning in the world, even through the most tragic circumstances.

I have been collecting tools and strategies ever since, which have helped me and others most effectively deal with the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” as well as live happier, more fulfilled lives.

In my one-to-one sessions during Vital Detox, I use a synthesis of processes (primarily the Journey process and Ken Wilber’s 3-2-1 shadow process) to help each client to resolve the past so they can go on to create an inspiring future for themselves. I also give a group talk/workshop on “Emotional Wellbeing” as part of the Vital Detox week programme.

I hold a BA degree in Combined Studies (Child Psychology/Education, Arts & English) and have studied with Brandon Bays, Ken Wilber, Craig Hamilton, Anthony Robbins, Cloe Madanes and other inspirational teachers.

My training as a spiritual life coach began when I qualified as a mentor through the Life Training Programme in 1992, teaching their courses in Self Esteem and The Power of Purpose and where I also served for several years on the UK Steering Committee, responsible for Leadership Support – running and supporting trainings for teams and leaders.

I have run an on-line course on the subject of emotional eating and give talks, interviews and lead workshops on themes such as “Dealing With Feelings” (all about emotional wellbeing),” The Forgiveness Business: (why we don’t, why it matters and how we can)” and “Evolving Beyond Ego” (The Future of Leadership).

I also volunteer as a coach, serving Craig Hamilton’s on-line community; Academy for Evolutionaries, an ongoing programme for spiritual and personal development, and teach evolutionary spirituality, drawing on a wide range of inspirational texts including A Course In Miracles.

It’s currently my delight to be prototyping “Emotional Wellbeing” an on-line follow-up programme for clients of the Vital Detox Retreats to help them to integrate healthier habits for their total wellbeing as they come home and re-enter their “new” lives.

I have also written a book about the power of Forgiveness – it is designed to help everyone move on from past resentments, hurts and old wounds that are holding them back from being joyful and free. You can find it on Amazon, either as a download or in hard copy. It is called Forgiveness Made Easy.

My other major passion in life is the emotional healing power of music. I am a singer-songwriter with a few CDs out on release on i-Tunes and on my website: and several of my songs on YouTube. It is always my joy and delight to sing (if the group invites me to!) and to lead an optional sing-song on our last night of the retreat. Music is one of the most healing modalities available to us – and which has accompanied me on my evolutionary journey through the whole of my life. We hope you leave Vital Detox with a new song playing in your heart!!

emotional detox at vital detox

“I have finally laid to rest anger carried with me for many, many years. Thank you Barbara.”

“Get your tissues out! Amazing!!”

“Wow! Barbara gets to places other therapists can’t reach!”

“It took me by surprise how intense and powerful this was. A brilliant and enlightening experience.”

“This was the most powerful experience for me. It helped me to start to move on and focus on letting go and forgiving the past. Barbara you are amazing, I can’t thank you enough!”

“Barbara has a gift. The Journey was the most valuable thing that a person could do. I am not only a different person, I also think that I am a better person.”

“I came here a nervous wreck but feel lighter and more relaxed now. Thank you Barbara.”