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Annie Lionnet

NCFE Dip Coaching, D.F.Astrol.S with Annie Lionnet

I discovered the power of Life Coaching many years ago when I had reached an impasse in my life. I met with a Coach for a few sessions and in the process I completely transformed my way of thinking and being in the world. I felt empowered, on purpose and on fire and filled with a sense of who I was and what I could achieve. I was excited about my future and committed to being the very best version of myself.

One of the many empowering decisions I made at that time was to become a Life Coach myself. I knew that I had found my true vocation. I have written on various aspects of personal development including two best-selling coaching books, ‘Brilliant Life Coach’ and ‘Brilliant Relationships’.

I am absolutely passionate about my work as a Life Coach. I do what I love and love what I do. I believe that each of us has the potential to live a happy and fulfilled life but for many reasons we don’t always give ourselves permission to grow into our full stature and express the full range of our possibilities. Even when we know what it best for us and are in tune with our life purpose, our fears and self doubts can sometimes block the expression of our true nature and innate gifts. Life Coaching acts as a catalyst and builds your confidence in yourself. It helps you to see that you are totally capable, resourceful and able to create a life that deeply fulfils you once you get out of your own way. It reminds you of how amazing you really are.

My other passion is astrology and I have been a professional astrologer and tutor for over thirty years. Your birth chart is your blueprint which describes not only your intrinsic nature and potential but also the best way to tap into and express this. I use the combination of astrology and life coaching to help you discover:

  • what fulfils you and makes you feel most alive
  • the best way for you to navigate the present and create a compelling future for yourself
  • your capacity to make empowering choices and let go of anything which no longer serves you
  • your ability to identify and realise your aspirations
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I am thrilled to be working alongside the Vital Team and creating with them a space of wholehearted support, inspiration and encouragement.

life coaching at Vital Detox Retreats

“Annie has a special gift for inspiring others to grow and discover what is best about them.”

“Thank you, Annie for being the catalyst for such powerful changes in my life. I feel so empowered and energised.”

“I really enjoyed our coaching sessions. It was wonderful to be so championed and supported.”

“I feel as if the blinkers have come off and that I now have a clear vision for my life.”