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Anna Tolson

DSH, Accredited Journey Therapist

I have always been intrigued by people: what forms us and makes us behave the way we do and how to change things that cause us pain. I originally trained to be a Homeopath and had a practice in Surrey and Bath for several years, as well as participating in many different workshops and seminars along the way, all of which focused on the human condition and how to improve it.

In 2001 I went through an experience that left me very debilitated. I was given a copy of The Journey by Brandon Bays which made me realise that there was a simple and effective way to transform how I was feeling, to heal the original wound permanently! I went to London, had a Journey, and was completely over my problem in 45 minutes! Not surprisingly I joined the Accredited Journey Practitioner programme and started training with Brandon so that I could pass this wonderful work onto others.

This led me to working for three and a half years on another detox retreat as a Journey Therapist which increased my interest and understanding of food and cellular health and how easy it is to improve the overall quality of life by making changes to the way we eat. I had always been aware that what we put into our bodies strongly affects how we feel and how our bodies fight disease and maintain health, but I learnt more about how and why this happens.

I set up Vital Detox because I wanted to continue to deepen this knowledge and to expand the healing potential of fasting, detoxing, nutritional re-education in combination with clearing out the emotional issues that prevent us from leading happy and free lives.

To this end we have designed a program that draws on our combined experience, knowledge and skills and that enables our clients to have the most fulfilling, cleansing, transforming, informative and fun week possible.

I highly recommend detox, both physical and emotional, to everyone – we are all searching for happiness and freedom from pain and this is the most efficient way of reaching that goal I’ve ever experienced.

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If you’d like to know more about physical & emotional detoxing, please contact me on or call 07813063082.

Its a chance to step away from everything that holds you back in your life and step into the life you have always wanted to create.

Journey therapy at Vital Detox Retreats

“It was the deepest, most cleansing therapeutic experience I’ve ever had. I’d like to do more sessions and will be recommending it to my friends. Amazing!”

“Fantastic. I really needed to find/unlock love that I had for people in my life that had been hidden by resentment and pain – I found it and I feel completely released. Thank you.”

“I felt really safe in Anna’s hands.”

“Good, very emotional. I felt very comfortable with Anna. I would like to do more journeys with her if given the chance.”

“The Journey was very effective – to transform suffering and grief through Anna’s loving guidance and get to a place of acceptance and love is astounding and transformational at a deep, deep level.”

“Mind-blowing. Amazing to get rid of so much baggage. Anna is intuitive and so supportive. I felt very safe with her.”

“Very effective and emotionally cleansing.”

“Life changing!”

“Anna’s absolute willingness to stand in someone else’s reality without judgement, only lovingly holding the opportunity for healing and for the best of them to come forward. You took my pain and made it liveable, even loveable then handed it back transformed. For this I am deeply grateful.”