Your Vital Detox Retreats Team

Julie Lovelock

I have been practising yoga for sixteen years and teaching for eight. The realisation that I wanted to teach yoga came from developing my own practice while working full-time in a busy primary school. I found that my yoga practise and meditation at the beginning of the day gave me more energy (despite having an hour’s less sleep) and set me up well for the day ahead.

I began teaching children initially, feeling it a great accomplishment to get a whole class of children to lie still relaxing and meditating for at least ten minutes. I also teach adult classes and one to one sessions in my local town.

I have been working as a healer for seventeen years and very much believe in the mind, body, spirit connection. I incorporate this into my yoga teaching, finding that it adds another dimension to healing the body by releasing physical and mental blockages, soothing the mind and reconnecting with the spirit. Zen yoga focuses on the energy flow in the body, physical alignment, mindfulness and meditation in motion. My style, developed from Zen yoga initially, is gentle; a blend of breath work, postures to release, stretch, strengthen and energise, mudras and relaxation that leaves you feeling calm but refreshed and revitalised, and naturally leads to a changing of habits, especially dietary.

For the Vital Detox Retreat Yoga classes, I adapt the class to specifically aid the detoxification process, mentally, physically and emotionally. I use postures, bandhas and mudras to aid digestion and elimination, to soothe the nervous system and combat fatigue. Relaxation consolidates and integrates the work done.

I live in Glastonbury with my husband, a son in his twenties, a teenage daughter, a cat and dog. I love walking the dog, which then provides inspiration for another of my favourite pastimes which is painting. I am also regularly called to be on the Chris Evans show on Radio Two as Meditation Expert!

You can find out more about Julie by visiting her website