Detox Retreat UK Holidays in Somerset. Cleanse, Rest, Rejuvenate and Heal

Vital Detox Retreat UK – Lose Weight, Break Sugar Addictions, Gain Energy, Kick Start a Healthy Lifestyle and Resolve Old Emotional Issues – all in One Week!*

We can provide you with a friendly and expert retreat environment in which you will have the chance to let go of anything that is holding you back, physically or emotionally. When you allow your body and mind to rest, cleanse and rejuvenate, you are giving yourself an opportunity to gain health, energy and happiness. A detox retreat uk break is the best long-term health investment you can possibly make.*

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This is Middlewick seen from our early morning walk

We presently have availability for our May 19th retreat. For all the other 2017 dates please go to the When and Where page. The How Much page is where you’ll find the accommodation and pricing information. If you’d  like to talk through your options, and want to know more about how we can help you, just call Fran on 01373 467668.

Our detox retreats are safe, informative, fully supported, weight loss spa holidays in stunning Somerset countryside. You will go home looking and feeling amazing; completely recharged, rested and re-energised. See the list below, or go to the What page, for information on everything we include to enable you to reach your personal goals.*

One week to change your life – Detox, lose weight and feel great with Vital Detox Retreat UK!

What Mel said after our July retreat:

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Included in the price of your detox retreat uk cottage is:

Four fresh, organic juices and supplements every day to support and cleanse the body

Ten different workshops covering many different subjects ranging from Creative Writing to Health and Nutrition

A potentially life changing One-to-one Journey process to enable emotional detox

We include two one-to-one sessions with a choice of four, highly experienced therapists as part of your retreat. You can work on anything that is holding you back in your life - even if you don't know what that is!

Daily yoga and guided breath meditation

Optional daily gravity colonic irrigation to aid detox and well-being

Four delicious and nutritious raw food meals to break your fast at the end of your retreat

A Health Interview to clarify your aims for the week, identify health issues and ensure that we give you the best care possible during your stay

A delicious and nutritious mineral broth every evening

Unlimited herbal teas, specially formulated detox tea, Glastonbury mineral water and alkalised water on tap.

A goody bag with gifts, supplements, information to take you forward and healthy food to get you home

Indoor pool, steam room and hot tub

Group room complete with sofas, beanbags, a book and DVD library and a daily screening of inspirational and educational films. A selection of great feature films are also available

Guided walks in beautiful countryside, a farm tour, animals to cuddle and views across to the Mendip Hills and Wells Cathedral

A wonderfully healing range of massages and treatments are also available from our dedicated team of therapists

Unlimited peace, quiet & total relaxation, new friends, social time, fun, masses of hugs and a never ending supply of care and support are also included.

We all know how to lose weight, we need to eat less and move more – simple eh! Not always! Sometimes there are other factors such as hormonal changes and age, as well as other metabolic changes, that can make it very difficult to lose weight however hard we try.

We can help you identify what is holding you back from being your ideal healthy weight.

It might be eating the wrong foods for your body type, food intolerances or mineral deficiencies. Emotional factors can also play a part in how we live in our bodies and how we treat them. Very many of us have self destructive behaviours that can pop up and take us over before we know it which can be make it hard to keep to healthy lifestyle choices. We can help you to identify where these come from and resolve them once and for all.

During your detox retreat break with us you will lose weight, on average 7 – 16 lbs, which is great but, more importantly, we will enable you to keep that weight off and lose even more slowly, steadily and healthily!

Invest in your health to...

  • Lose weight, and keep it off – permanently
  • Improve digestive problems such as IBS
  • Get to the root cause of depression, grief, anger and other emotional issues as well as learning how to manage your emotions in the future
  • Improve your skin and circulation
  • Vastly strengthen your immune system
  • Re-balance your hormonal system
  • Let go of joint, nerve or muscular pain
  • Break self destructive habits, sugar addiction and emotional eating
  • Learn what your body needs to keep it energised and healthy
  • Make new friends, practice looking after yourself and give yourself a chance to find out what you really want in your life
  • Our retreats gives your body and mind a chance to rest, cleanse, rebalance and heal on all levels.
  • Vital Detox Retreat UK – the ultimate experience